Current Projects

My current projects investigate sexism in the queer community, masculinity, and sexual relationship dynamics using dyadic, longitudinal, and experimental methods.

Sexual Satisfaction

My work expands the rejection sensitivity framework to the domain of sexual relationships. Sexual rejection sensitivity predicts lower sexual satisfaction for both men and women. Further, in a sample of mixed-sex sexual partners, women's and men's sexual rejection sensitivity was negatively predicted by their partners' sexual growth mindset.

Gay Men's Sexism

I am interested in understanding how prejudice operates within marginalized communities. My work has shown that gay men are invested in patriarchy; this is mitigated, however, by a stronger identity as a gay man, and through perceived solidarity with women's fight for civil rights.

Presenting at the SPSP 2020 Sexuality Preconference Data Blitz in New Orleans!

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Cultice, R. A., Sanchez, D. T., & Albuja, A. F. (in press). Sexual growth mindsets and rejection sensitivity in sexual satisfaction. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.

Manuscripts Under In Prep

Cultice, R. A., Cipollina, R., & Sanchez, D. T. Precarious manhood beliefs, condom rejection sensitivity, and condom use. Manuscript in preparation.

Cultice, R. A., & Rudman, L. A. Mitigating sexism in gay men: The role of shared disadvantage and perceived solidarity with women. Manuscript in preparation.

Cultice, R. A., Wetzel, G. M., & Sanchez, D. T. Stress, loneliness, and COVID threat severity as predictors of sexual well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic. Manuscript in preparation.

Wetzel, G. M., Cultice, R. A., & Sanchez, D. T. The “Orgasm Gap” and sexual outcomes for mixed-sex couples. Manuscript in preparation.